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Bogena Udder Ointment
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Bogena Udder Ointment

Bogena Udder Ointment

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Bogena Udder Ointment

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I live in the Uk and wondered if Uierzalf is available to buy in the UK?
Question Karin Carver-Grenside on 07-03-2014 was answered by our customer service:
If you want to buy Uierzalf locally (from another brand), you would have to search for "udder ointment", "udder cream" or "bag balm".
Is there a shop in London? Of Vitamin Stores and where can you buy this Bogena Udder ointment because I'm interested in it.
Question *shielded* on 12-05-2012 was answered by our customer service:
No, we don't have stores in the UK. You can order Bogena Uierzalf online and we can send your order to London. You will find more information about our shipping fee's here.
I wish to order Uierzalf. I am looking for the greasy version used for cow udders,that looks like a yellow vasaline.(not cream type)Can you confirm this is the one I want. And would you post to the UK? I would really appreciate this. Regards Margaret Didham
Question Margaret Didham on 19-08-2011 was answered by our customer service:
Yes, we ship to the UK (shipping costs are euro 14,18), and though I cannot comment on the color or consistency of the BOGENA UIERZALF, I found a Dutch dairy farm website that mentions this particular uierzalf and states: "Keeps the teats and udder supple and soft, and is also a fly repellant. Apply after milking."

If you need help with ordering (as our website is mostly in Dutch) contact our customer service:

how much is it for delivery
Question ahmad on 27-10-2010 was answered by our customer service:
It depends. If this is the only product you order, and the total order amount remains below 55 euros, the shipping costs (within the Netherlands) will be calculated on the basis of your payment method: - I-deal € 1,50 - éénmalige incasso of PayPal € 1,95 - bankoverschrijving of creditcard € 3,95 - acceptgiro € 4,95 If the order is above 55 euros, shipping is free. Also see:
Can you send two cans of the above product to Lisbon (Portugal) ? How much will the delivery? Thank you for your answer
Question *shielded* on 07-08-2010 was answered by our customer service:
For a complete overview, see: The shipping costs will be 34,08.
geachte, kan ik deze zalf bekomen bij kruitvat in 1910 Kampenhout-België dank u, mevr.Cammaerts
Question alice Cammaerts on 30-05-2010 was answered by our customer service:
Wij zijn geen leverancier van Kruidvat en hebben dus geen kijk op hun assortiment.
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